Business Management Policy

Our Corporate Philosophy is "To support individuals and companies that take on challenges and share inspirational experiences with all the stakeholders in order to create a better world". Based on this we have developed our Corporate Slogan, "Stride with Challengers", which we are basing on to develop and conduct our corporate activities focusing on investment and real estate businesses.

Our company group, consisting of 10 subsidiaries and one affiliated company, identifies South Asia and Southeast Asia as growth sectors in the international market. We are actively promoting strategic business partnerships, startup investments, and business successions. Guided by our investment fundamental policy of long-term holdings, we deploy the management resources we have cultivated within our company after executing investments. Through comprehensive and layered support, we aim to enhance the enterprise value of our investment targets while maximizing the earnings and value of our company group.

In light of the fact that it is becoming increasingly important for companies to play a responsible role in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and the transformation to a sustainable, recycling oriented society, we will strive to further enhance the value of our existing businesses and create new businesses by developing human resources who can adapt flexibly and proactively in an era of uncertainty and rapid change, and by strengthening cooperation with external human resource to embody the above corporate philosophy.

Business Strategy

In the real estate businesses, especially our core business of the residence sector, we will steadily increase the number of managed units and strengthen our foundation of stable income. In addition to this, we aim to be at the forefront of the industry by promoting digitization and utilizing technologies such as SaaS, in order to enhance the efficiency of our operations. Furthermore, in real estate sales business, we will accurately capture external factors such as real estate market conditions and collaborate with financial institutions to effectively address potential customer needs.

For our hotel business, we will strengthen collaboration with local communities to respond to the emerging post-COVID tourism demand and the rapid growth of inbound demand. We will also focus on creating new customer experiential value, such as utilizing hotels as multi-purpose spaces. With regards to operations, we will strive to improve profitability by implementing digital transformation initiatives, including automation and streamlining processes.

In our overseas business (the investment business), we will accelerate outbound investments, particularly in South Asia and Southeast Asia, accumulating knowledge and networks. Simultaneously, we will explore opportunities for inbound investments, such as attracting investments from overseas and engaging in joint ventures with international companies and investors. In the domestic market, we actively consider mergers and acquisitions, business alliances, and business succession cases that contribute to the value enhancement of existing investments, aiming to create new added value.

Real Estate Business

Business Contents:

Trust Advisers Corporation is one - stop real estate business agency that attains the needs of both individual owners and companies to maximize the value of their real estate. The company currently carries out property leasing, rent guarantee management along with real estate trading business in Tokyo metropolitan area and is planning to add new line of businesses such as interior work and building renovation while expanding their business to major cities outside Kanto region in the future.


Trust Advisers Corporation , Tokyo Apartment Guarantee Corporation



<Property Management>

Aside from managing 4,500 properties Trust Advisers Corporation also provides all related services relating to the properties' management such as screening of prospective tenants, establishment and renewal of lease contract, handling of tenants’ demand and complaints, moving – out process, interior renovation, and building maintenance.

<Building Management>

Since Trust Advisers Corporation manages the real estate facilities on behalf of the owners, the company supervises the cleaning, security and management of the properties, while fulfilling the administrative duties such as accounting, clerical work and negotiations with external parties.

<Rent Guarantee>

Trust Advisers Corporation guarantees the rent payment of the tenant when a lease contract is made and provides rent reimbursement to leasing companies if the tenant defaults during the contract period.

Hotel Business

Business Contents:

Striders Corporation currently owns and operates the Narita Gateway Hotel in the Narita Airport Area and Kurashiki Royal Art Hotel in the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, which used to suffer from financial & operational issues before our acquisition. However, as a result of our strategies to reduce cost and improve the operations, both the hotels have been able to boost their profitability rate and generate a stable revenue with healthy occupancy rates. 


Narita Gateway Hotel



Narita Gateway Hotel, which was acquired on March 26, 2013, is located within 10 minutes from Narita Airport and focuses on providing convenient yet affordable accommodation for group trips and individual travelers. Most of our customers are from Asian countries such as Taiwan and China, as well as customers of LCC morning flights and late-night international flights in need for a practical place to stay.Since April 2020, it has been rented out to Chiba Prefectural Government as a facility for mild and asymptomatic people with new coronavirus infection.


Kurashiki Royal Art Hotel



The Kurashiki Royal Art Hotel, which was acquired on June 30, 2014, is conveniently located near the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter which is the Kurashiki main tourist attraction area and offers spacious rooms. As a hotel that operates closely with the local community, we held events such as art inspired recipe contest for the local high school students in collaboration with the Ohara Museum of Fine Arts and we also work together with the Kurashiki University of Arts and Science and the above museum to display the fine arts from young artists inside the hotel. In January 2021, the gallery "MAGO GALLERY KURASHIKI", which displays and sells the works of artist Mago Nagasaka, opened on the basement floor.

Investment Business

Business Contents:

Being a company with a global perspective, Striders Corporation always seek for business opportunities with high growth potential in the Asian region. Our strategy is to support such businesses with investments, business tie-ups, etc. and thereby reach their full growth potential while maximizing our returns.Please see here for recent overseas investment track record (timeline).



Singapore is called as the gateway to the rapidly growing ASEAN countries and South Asia due to its strategic location as well as its strength as an international financial center. With the aim of expanding its presence in ASEAN and South Asia, Striders Corporation utilizes Singapore as its base for overseas investments.


Striders Global Investment Pte. Ltd. (SGI)


SGI is the holding company for overseas investments of Striders Corporation. Through SGI, Striders make private equity, public equity and venture capital investments in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The company also utilizes its strong network to provide business matchmaking and M&A advisory services for fundraisings and business expansions.

Portfolio Company:

Attention Holdings




Attention Holdings Pte. Ltd. is the largest esports company in Southeast Asia with operations in 6 countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia. The company housed Southeast Asia’s biggest esports team and talent management platform, EVOS and WHIM, who conjointly manages around 462 talents (exclusive and non - exclusive) and boasts over 149 million followers across YouTube & Instagram (by November 2020). In 2020, EVOS raised US$12 million during its Series B round, led by Korean Investment Partners, in which Striders Corporation participated in via its subsidiary (Striders Global Investment Pte. Ltd.).

Naluri Pte. Ltd.



Naluri provides a platform for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and mental health, mainly in Southeast Asia, to consult with medical professionals online via a smartphone app. In June 2022, we made an investment into Naluri by participating in the Pre-Series B financing round. This is the first investment in the health tech industry for the Striders Group.



Known as the Silicon Valley of Asia, Indonesia is home for 267 million people and four unicorn companies in Southeast Asia.  Striders Corporation has make growth-oriented investments in partnership with local partners.


Indogen Capital



Indogen Capital is one of the most prominent sectors – agnostic venture capital investors in Indonesia. Through its two managed funds, Indogen Capital has made 18 investments in 8+ countries in Southeast Asian region since 2017, along with 4 successful exits. Striders Corporation, through its subsidiary (Striders Global Investment Pte. Ltd.) has entered into a Partnership Agreement with Indogen Capital in 2020 to expand its venture capital investments in Southeast Asia.

Portfolio Company:




Travelio.com is the leading online short-term home rental marketplace based in Indonesia, who manages over 4,000 units in 25 different cities in Indonesia through its platform. In 2021, with the expectation of a post-COVID boom in the Indonesian prop-tech sector, Striders has purchased the stake of PT Horizon Internusa Persada, which operates Travelio. Travelio’s prop-tech platform aims to reduce the mismatch between demand and supply in the Indonesian real estate market. With the target market being the Millennials and the Generation-Z, Travelio is poised to become the largest prop-tech platform in Southeast Asia.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka and Japan has a long history of deep diplomatic, trade and culture relations. The country, which is located strategically in the areas of international trade and geopolitics, has been growing rapidly after its decades – long civil war ended in 2009. Since then, Sri Lanka has established itself as the business gateway to the South Asia and African region, with countless companies in the nation successfully expanding inside and outside of the country. Knowing this true potential for growth, Striders has been one of the first Japanese companies to make a full-scale entry to Sri Lanka in the post-war era, by first investing in the country in 2014.


Calcey Technologies



Calcey Technologies is a full-service software development company founded in 2003. With a team of 130+ engineers based out of Colombo (Sri Lanka), Calcey serves a wide range of clientele from USA, England, Europe, Australia, etc. PayPal, Stanford University, Wikipedia, Fresh Fitness Food are some of the key clients. The company is specialized in digitization and provides offshore development teams to clients from different parts of the world. Striders Corporation and Calcey Technologies are in a business partnership for business development in Japan since 2020.

Softlogic Holdings PLC



Softlogic Holdings PLC is Sri Lanka's one of the largest conglomerates operating in 3 core sectors: healthcare, retail and financial services. Striders Corporation invested in an intermediate holding company in the financial business in 2018 and in a subsidiary that develops insurance business in 2019, and has sold its equity, but will continue to cooperate as a partner for business expansion in the future.

Portfolio Company:

Roar Global



Roar Global is one of the fastest growing digital media startups in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, backed by the BOV Capital & Dialog Axiata Digital Innovation Fund. Noticing the company’s apparent aptitude, Striders Corporation decided to invest in the company’s Series B fundraise in 2018. Facebook has appointed Roar as the authorized sales partner in Sri Lanka. The position authorized Roar Global to deliver media consultancy and offer programs and training to local businesses in Sri Lanka, including access to run Facebook workshops and Facebook Blueprint. Furthermore, through this effort, Roar Global is enabled to support Facebook in managing their payment gateways in Sri Lanka.

Portfolio Company:

Agrithmics Pvt. Ltd



Agrithmics operates a platform to digitize smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka and South Asia, which provides solutions to challenges such as fraud and theft in the supply chain, exploitation by middlemen and access to low cost financial services. As the first impact investment project at our company, we participated in the financing of Pre-Series A in 2021 and made an investment.

(Corporate Restructuring Business)

M&A Global Partners Co., Ltd.


M&A Global Partners specializes in corporate rehabilitation while also providing services related to corporate restructuring, fund-raising support, and M&A consulting. The company also strengthens our investment in domestic start-up companies, and in September 2021, invested in BluAge Corp. which operates the real estate trading platform “CANARY”.


IT Related Business


Mobile Link Inc.



Mobile Link Inc is a company which develops and sells vehicle management systems for logistic companies. Aside from producing and marketing the system, the company also provides one-stop services ranging from pre-deployment requirement to detailed post-deployment support.

Advanced Technology Research Business

Associated Company:

MIRAI Intellectual Property and Technology Research Center Co.,Ltd.



As Japan’s registered research organization, MIRAI Intellectual Property and Technology Research Center Co.,Ltd. is comprised of nine institutions that can conduct advanced technology research equivalent to the research conducted by the Examiner of Japan’s Patent Office. The company is well – known for their leading technical backgrounds and innovative breakthroughs.